Assembly Visualisation and Analysis (AVA)

Tracks is a sequence diagramming tool for assembly language, and is part of the AVA framework I developed as part of my PhD. These videos show how Tracks can be used alongside the IDA Pro disassembler and debugger. The first video shows the three views of Tracks which include those for static control flow, dynamic traces, and navigational history. The second video shows the comment thread functionality within the Tracks tool.

Tracks won first place in the Hex-Rays contest in 2011, though the most recent code is available on GitHub.

Many more details on how Tracks works, and how to set up the development environment are available in my PhD dissertation.


Agilefant is an open-source agile backlog management tool that I have previously done development for (see GitHub). Below are the videos I've worked on to demonstrate its concept model and features.

Basic Concepts:
Concept Model:


jimu is a project I worked on at its inception to integrate and open source my Eclippers tool to show code modifications when updating Android apps. I also worked on other features and usablity of the UI (as well as creating the following demo videos). This functionality was part of the original version of jimu built using Eclipse.

Eclippers is available on GitHub and is shown in use in the second demo video.

SAP Research: BijouX (Enterprise Mashup Application Platform)

BijouX is a web-based enterprise mashup application platform. I worked on this project as an intern at SAP Research in Palo Alto. The front end was built using JavaScript, JavaScript UI libraries, and Flash to pass messages between SAPlets (widgets). The backend was built using ABAP.

Apologies in advance for the audio quality!